NJW Blogs

I will discuss the key ingredients for this program being successful. I want to reiterate the points because these distinctions will be the centerpiece of this program: – Having a plan that is doable for even the busiest of people.– Long-term perspective focusing on the person you will become and the results you achieve oneContinue reading “NJW Blogs”

The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy

1. A Life Well-Lived. This month’s first week I will cover the importance of leaving a legacy of a life well-lived. I will see how our lives impact all those who follow us. I will also introduce the topics we will review later in the month. 2. Principles to Live By. In Week Two, I will cover key principlesContinue reading “The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy”

Becoming The Best Leader

Part Four—Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be—Taking Care of Yourself and Motivating Those Who Follow You—in Good Times and Tough Times 1. The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision. In today’s lesson, I will cover the basic foundational elements that are central to becoming a person with tremendous leadership skills and abilities. IContinue reading “Becoming The Best Leader”