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Contact me If you wanna learn how to trade in the F.O.R.E.X Markets. Change is scary and very uncomfortable. But that is how we grow. in order for things to change you have to change.

Hello, My Name Is Nickolas James Whitmore

I am A self funded bedroom day Trader who turned 250 dollars into 750,000. It took me 3 years to achieve. it was a process. It was a lot of education and personal growth. It did not happen overnight. But It did happen. I am very blessed and humble. I am extremely grateful to have the financial security that I worked for. Most Importantly having the freedom to do as I please.I now work for joy.

You see It all started with the desire to have more in life. I just got fed up going to work everyday to just pay my bills. I wanted more! I wanted the luxurious lifestyle that we all see in the movies. I was tired of just being broke. At the time in my life I didn’t have a financial plan. All I ate was Ramon Noodles. I didn’t even have a car at the moment. I was working two jobs just so I could pay for rent. My finances and my mindset was just a mess. From Experience it is true that what you think about you do become. I had to cut all ties from people that were holding me back. That was kinda hard. it took a lot of courage. I mean I was very healthy because I had to walk to work. One job took me 1 hr 50 mins. and the second job was about a 30 min walk. I didn’t want to take the bus because the bus freaks me out. there a lot of weird people on the bus. I just was very uncomfortable taking a bus. However I did have the option to ride a bike. but in all honestly going up and down the hills was just to exhausting. I mean by the time I got to work I was already tired and sweaty. So the only option was to walk. So thats what I did. i didnt rely on friends to give me rides becuase I didnt really have any. At least the ones that I could trust at the time. It was really nice to walk. I enjoyed it. I would listen to Les brown, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, John C Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Erick Thomas on YouTube. I did that because I wanted to change my mindset and my perspective on life. everyday over and over I would listen to them. I mean to this day I still do. My mindset is very powerful now. The reason why I wanted to do this was because I wanted to surround myself with people that pushed me to grow. I started to get more organized, I started to read more, I started this path of personal development and it brought me to F.O.R.E.X.

This Is How The Process Works:

THE Price is 120.00 and after that every month the price is 20.00. Both parties will sign a purchase of agreement contract of my services.

Every-night the student will hop on a zoom meeting to meet with the teacher. The teacher will educate the student for 1 hr. one on one of how to trade F.O.R.E.X

Most students are ready with in a year to have the confident to trade a lone.

During the full year the student and the teacher will have built a good trusting relationship. The teacher is flexible and can work around the students busy days. The teacher and the student will be in contact through text messaging and or calling.

I am looking for only serious students who are ready to change their finial situation through the power of education and learning how to trade.

I went from working at Mcdonalds To building A Empire

If you would like more information contact me on Linklnd

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