Six Stages of Learning.

1. You Are a Genius! This week, I discuss ways to unlock and tap into the incredible and powerful potential in your mind. We will also cover the attitudes of successful learners and show how your attitude about learning will determine how far you go in your life and career. 2. Six Stages of Learning. Next week,Continue reading “Six Stages of Learning.”

Becoming The Best Leader

Part Four—Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be—Taking Care of Yourself and Motivating Those Who Follow You—in Good Times and Tough Times 1. The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision. In today’s lesson, I will cover the basic foundational elements that are central to becoming a person with tremendous leadership skills and abilities. IContinue reading “Becoming The Best Leader”

Character: The Core of Leadership & Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Our topic this month is Leadership, and when it comes to great leaders, we think of people like Winston Churchill, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa. Thinking of leaders in those terms, it’s easy to think of leadership in a “far-off” context and forget that it relates to each of usContinue reading “Character: The Core of Leadership & Leadership Mistakes to Avoid”

The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision

This month I tackle the topic of Leadership. Although there are many definitions and facets to leadership, one of the most practical and clear realities of leadership is that it is all about the ability to influence. And since everything we do and say has the potential to influence others, we all are in theContinue reading “The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision”

Improving Relationship and Business Communications

I am constantly making presentations in just about every relationship and communication I have. Whether it is to persuade someone to my point of view, teach a life lesson to your child or to comfort a friend during a difficult time, we are in the process of trying to achieve effective, positive communication. On theContinue reading “Improving Relationship and Business Communications”

The Fundamentals Of Communication

This month I am launching —Communication/Presentation. This is such a vital piece to the success equation in both our personal and professional lives. Effective communication will greatly enhance our lives, and I invite you to join me on this journey into the key components of communication that I will discusses this month. So let usContinue reading “The Fundamentals Of Communication”

Negotiation skills

This is what I am covering this month: 1. Attitudes of Successful Salespeople: The profession, setting your goals, attitudes of successful salespeople and getting and staying motivated. This is the basic overview of the profession of selling. Selling is a noble occupation, even though some people might think otherwise. In fact, we are all in sales.Continue reading “Negotiation skills”

Developing The Attitude For Networking

Part One—Developing the Attitude for Networking We have some terrific stuff for you on networking and referrals this month. Here is what we will be covering: 1. Developing the Attitude for Networking (and life). The old saying is true that your attitude determines your altitude. You will only go as far as your attitude will carryContinue reading “Developing The Attitude For Networking”

Business Relationships

Welcome back to the N.J.W Blog Where our main focus is to provide value for you. So that our personal life can improve. You always learn something new every day! This week, we focuse on the value and importance of our business relationships. We will give many excellent points and share the core principles involvedContinue reading “Business Relationships”